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Sandra Myers has been my attorney for several years now and has helped me and my son tremendously. She has always gone above and beyond, and shown a high level of commitment to helping us. In addition, she conducts herself with such a high degree of integrity and class...I am so happy I found her years ago.

Recently Alexandra Myers took over my case and represented me throughout the course of a trial. She was very organized, focused and diligent, and showed enthusiasm that inspired me to stay optimistic throughout the entire process. She was also extremely resourceful in gathering information and prepping for the trial. In the courtroom she too conducted herself with professionalism and grace, and to say that I am grateful to have her as my attorney is an understatement.

I would absolutely recommend both Sandra and Alexandra. They are smart, knowledgeable, dedicated attorneys who provide their clients with the best advice and service!

-Tasha Hengl

Best lawyer in Sacramento!

-Rico Castillo

Extremely knowledgeable for how short of a duration she has been full fledged lawyer. Excellent references and good information given all around...

-Mike Larios